Top 10 Best Car Donation Programs

Top 10 Best Car Donation Programs
Top 10 Best Car Donation Programs

Most Americans find it best to donate their old cars to charity as a way of getting rid of them and giving back to the community. Donations of this kind go a long way in helping fund nonprofit bodies tasked with numerous noble courses. It is a process that requires quite a significant amount of human resources, forcing these organizations to outsource these services to third-party nonprofit or commercial fundraising organizations. The tasked bodies take care of all the necessary details for a small piece of the sales, then bankrolls the rest of the money to the program.

It is quite unfortunate that a lot has been happening lately in the car donation programs. Where a car owner decides to donate their old car through a donation program, only a small percentage of the proceeds get to the intended organization. It has been revealed that some fundraising organizations donate only as little as 13 percent of the overall sales.

For purposes of transparency, and to ensure that your organization receives the right amount from the sale of your car, it is crucial to look for a reputable intermediary that promises to bankroll at least 75 percent to the chosen charity. Getting one that gives such kind of amount can be tough, but if you can lay hands on one that forwards anything above 65 percent, then you may consider.

Below are some of the best car donation programs through which you can fund your favorite charity without worrying about exploitation.

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