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10 fun things to do with family this Thanksgiving day

Thanksgiving is certainly one of America’s popular holidays. And why wouldn’t it be? Picture this: a day off from work devoted to eating special meals, meeting friends and family and showing appreciation – what isn’t there to love?

Thanksgiving day

Each year, on the 4thThursday of November, Americans gather and consume an unbelievable 46 million turkeys. Turkey is usually used as a symbol of Thanksgiving; however, you might be surprised to learn that no turkey was consumed at the very first Thanksgiving Day, which took place in the autumn of 1621. 90 Wampanoag Indians and 50 Pilgrims gathered to feast for 3 days on fowl and deer as well as fruits and vegetables. There was no sign of the famous bird.

That said, over the years, turkeys have always been part of the celebration. Below is a list of Thanksgiving Day activity ideas that you and your family members can try.

1.Volunteer together

Is there an elderly neighbor or homeless person who will be alone this Thanksgiving? Volunteer to bring them a meal or any kind of gift you may think of. If you are not aware of such people in your neighborhood, you can use Volunteer Match to find other Thanksgiving Day activities near you.

Thanksgiving is not only about expressing gratitude, but also a good starting point to help the community and make a difference in someone’s life.

2. Outdoor scavenger hunt

Group family members into teams or pairs and organize a thrilling scavenger hunt throughout the neighborhood. Ensure everybody gets involved – from old to young. Also, have some special gift for the best hunter to encourage some friendly competition.

3.Memory sharing

Share stories among your selves. You can go for a theme such as:

  • The special thing that happened to you all in this year
  • Your favorite memories from childhood
  • The greatest days of your lives.
  • The most embarrassing thing that ever happened to each one of you.

Have some one video tape the event to keep these memories for future use.

4.Thanksgiving day football or basketball games

Find a way to group yourself and start a friendly football or basketball match. You can have a Family Thanksgivingchampionship trophy to be awarded to the winning team. This trophy can be the coveted prize every year you are commemorating the ThanksgivingDay.

5. Watch movies together as a family 

Sit back, loosen up, and catch a movie with other family members this Thanksgiving. Opt for a family friendly movie that is appropriate for all ages. Pick one that grandpa will enjoy as well as one that will thrill the kids.

6. Sing and dance along

Get out the guitars or other musical instruments you have. Alternatively, if you do not have instruments, you can tune to a holiday radio station. Start a singing or a dancing contest. Be silly and dance away. Have rules in place to make the whole event entertaining.  

7. Set up the Christmas tree

Some may say that it’s too early to start making Christmas decorations, but hey – the festivities are around the corner? Plus, who doesn’t relish decorating the family tree? Delegate out the decorating tasks, turn on some festive music, and watch your early Christmas celebrations come alive with the assistance of the whole family. Serve up some coffee or wine to really help get everybody in the mood.  

8. Run a Turkey Trot

With turkey trot events happening all over, your family members will love trying something adventurous this year like participating in the fun walk/run or the 5k race. The majority of runs are scheduled to start in the morning. However, depending on the weather, some areas offer afternoon runs. 

9. Have a family photo session

Thanksgiving means the festive season is near, and if every family member is around, why not seize the moment and take some photos for your x-mass card?

You do not have to seek the services of a professional; just use your phone camera. It is always fun to take armature photos. Invite all your family members to dress in matching costumes. Alternatively, you can opt for fancyattire or even wacky holiday sweaters. The most important thing is that everybody enjoys his/herself during this moment. Basically, taking photos together is an amazing way to involve everybody and create lasting memories.

10. Create a Black Friday list together as a family

Spend Thanksgiving Day with family members planning the bargains you wish to seize on Black Friday! Typically, the day after Thanksgiving (Friday) has been the day that many people start their festive season shopping. It is one of the most hectic days for stores in America.

Use an hour or two during ThanksgivingDay to come up with a “plan of attack”. Do you have something you would like to buy together as a family this Black Friday? Can Santa save 40% on the price for the children most-wanted toys this Christmas? Brainstorm those bright and thrifty shopping ideas this Thanksgiving Day as a family.

Happy Thanksgiving all! Enjoy!

Nearly everyone is excited about this day. After all, it is that special day that we can spend with family celebrating and having fun. And since it is a unique day, it is only right that you make it as enjoyable and memorable as possible by making use of the abovelisted fun ideas.

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