Bungee Training: Allowing people to bring fun back into fitness

Are you looking for a fitness challenge that is less overwhelming but quite effective?

Are you looking for a fitness challenge that is less overwhelming but quite effective?  

Welcome to the bouncy world of bungee training, an extremely flexible workout routine that guarantees both laughter and weight loss.
Bungee Training

So, what exactly is a bungee workout? Just like Tabata training, a bungee workout is meant to burn loads of calories. Your body is subjected to high-intensity exercises while floating weightlessly. Yes, that is possible!

Suspended on a bungee cord that is fastened around your hips, you get to engage in workout routines that benefit every muscle in your body. The exercises are designed to build your core stability, flexibility, and streng thas you hop and float around the room.

Getting started

Strap yourself

Doing bungee training is relatively easy. First, you have to wear a hip harness. This harness goes around your waist and through your legs. It is then buckled to a bungee cord attached strongly to the ceiling. It is good to note though, the bungee cord differs according to the weight and height of a person.

Now go for a spin

This is the fundamental principle of the bungee workout – hovering through the air with the sole purpose of getting fit. A workout routine allows you to roll, leap, turn, and spin your way via high-intensity exercises like never before.

Imagine doing squats or frog jumps where going down is way challenging than going up. Alternatively, visualize performing one-handed vertical push-ups. Doesn’t that seem unusual and tough? When it comes to bungee, some routines may seem unworkable; but the truth is, they are doable and very exciting.

Benefits of bungee training

  1. Improves mobility and flexibility

The bungee literally supports your body by taking some of your weight. This helps you to amplify the motion around your knees and hips. Basically, the bungee helps relieve some of the pressure that gravity brings by giving you additional support, eventually allowing increased movement. 

  • Strengthens your core

Bungee training strengthens your core muscles, including your back muscles, pelvic muscles, and muscles around your abdomen. As you might be aware, a strong core enhances balance and stability.

  • Builds stamina

Because, you are now in a good position to run, bounce, and core muscles if you were 50 lbs lighter; as a result, giving you the chance of incorporating a cardio element into your workout.

  • Activates all muscles

Looking for a fitness routine which activates all your body muscles at the same time? Bungee training would definitely help you achieve that goal.

  • Makes working out fun

When you are bouncing like a 5-year old kid, it’s impossible not to giggle and smile. Thanks to bungee, the whole routine is fun and amusing, and you will certainly love to train every day of the week.

Where can you do the bungee training?

Bungee workout is so new thus, you shouldn’t expect to enter in your typical gym tomorrow and get a full bungee system ready for you to jump on. That said, at least for now, you can find modern bungee sets in modern fitness/dance studios. Only visit reputable studios since you can be sure their installed bungee systems are safe and their staff or instructors are qualified.

Again, when you visit one, it is good to start off by taking basic bungee fitness classes to learn the right form and the different types of routines. Once you are familiar with the basics, you can fly alone or be part of a group. But, many prefer flying as a group as it is more engaging and fun.

Also, anytime you go to the studio, ensure you are wearing the right outfit. For instance, wear some comfortable wedgie proof shorts or leggings that won’t keep on riding off (Pulling your shorts down constantly, throws off your groove).

The history of bungee jumping

Who invented bungee jumping? Well, that depends on if you are talking about the modern-day bungee jumping or the traditional version practiced off an armature-built wooden tower located on Pentecostal island in the South Pacific.

The traditional version is based on the story of a local woman who was always being abused by her spouse.  She repeatedly attempted to escape only to be caught and reprimanded. So she hatched a plan because, and when she got the chance to escape again, she ascended the tallest tree in the region. She had a vine tied around her ankles as she climbed to the top.

The husband, of course, tried to go up the tree to get the wife, but the woman jumped and luckily, the vine broke her fall. With no vine around his ankle, the husband also threw himself in the attempt to get her, only to fall to his death.

The incident has been retold ever since as the South Pacific natives built towers and tried to jump off them as a sign of bravery and to show their wives that they can never be tricked again.

On the other hand, A.J. Hackett is usually credited as being the originator of the modern bungee jumping. The NewZealander assembled the world’s first bungee system on the Kawarau GorgeSuspension Bridge.

Bottom line: Bungee training is not the usual fitness craze

You would be right to think that bungee training is a fad. It’s got that new fitness craze, which is always synonymous with viral things. However, this one isn’t going away anytime soon. Fitness enthusiasts prefer bungee training than the typical mundane workouts since its fun and quite safe too.