Change your life for the better in 3 stages 

Change your life for the better in 3 stages 

The redesign of your life in this way certainly distinguishes you from the traditional. According to the Independent Professionals Association, the number of self-employed workers has risen by 43% in every area in the world over the last eight years; relations between people have changed in general; As a matter of fact, the need to design our lives has increased again, but how?

Difficult problems
The British writer Orna Ross discussed at the Dublin Book Conference the creative process and how to use it not only to build the novel, but for anything. The main idea about what Ross calls “creative” is the shifting of thinking from the traditional to creative intelligence. Academics and organizations such as the Environment Conference point out that what we need to solve difficult problems, such as climate problems, material income and endurance, is imagination; », While minimizing the harsh ambition based on reality only.
But what does this mean at the scientific level? Everyone engages in creative activities throughout the day, naturally, whether by preparing a dinner or making others happy, but this way creative intelligence is not entirely used; it ruins half the creative process. Ross says: “We ignore the most important steps and highlight our mistakes. »And to pray to this mental coolness, follow these stages:

Stage 1: Have your own vision
what’s the problem?
Many of us do not know what they do not want. Ross has found it easier to know what we do not want; to get to the good point of starting our ambitions, she says, “I never thought of working for my own account, I wanted more time, to write, to walk with friends, and during my last years in London, that was very difficult. “Here, follow these tips:
1 – Once you know what you want, work on other aspects.
2 – Do not mind that you give your nerves in dreams.
3 – Do not exhaust yourself with the desire to get more money, without looking forward to the new project, and know how difficult.

  1. Exploring the subject, not only gathering the surface information; you should pray to the degree of scrutiny.
    5 – Use creative tools, such as: imagination and memory, and the daily experiences that feed your creative intelligence, such as meditation, writing and playing.
  2. Meet former bosses, potential clients, and friends with knowledge, so that I am ready to make money safely.

Stage Two: Be brave
what is the answer?
This goal leads you to evolve, not to pray for perfection, and it seems clear that my first year in Ireland was a blueprint, and things were more successful than I expected, despite my great concern, I had a lot to do, but what I did not see was Unity and stress In my new life, it took some time to get over the unit, and I focused on what makes me grateful, like walking on the beach and getting close to loved ones. This is what creativity calls a deepening step, looking for what you love within your plan and then applying it.

Phase III: Review
What is the best answer?
When you review your plan, and find that your social life will be full of loneliness while you need to be active friends; do not Taisi, and a scholar to find them; it is time to progress, and follow the following tips:
1 – Give yourself strength and mediate more.
2 – Control your feelings of pressure, and know that the desire for modern life difficult to control.
3 – It is useful to practice Yoga and Tamlly.

  1. Be able to say “no” and do not be afraid of losing friends or losing a job.
    5 – Learn that there are better ways to communicate with others around you, and I think to embrace more creative ideas;

Daily creative practices:

  • Motive: Let what you must, and what your body wants? And dance or play ball, with all comfort.
  • Write: Marcy write faster, from here you can impose your ideas.
  • Plan: for your day or week, and accept your time and dreams, and be aware of what draws you to your interest.
  • Meditative: Forgetting the daily discomfort with this practice every day.

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