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    Body language: discover his love from 6 signs

    Love has many connotations that are difficult to hide. They appear on body language involuntarily. Any expert in these movements will notice it, from the eyes to the face and trunk, and even the feet will send their language to the other person if the owner falls in love. Rotate the trunk First, if you […] More

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    Thyroid relationship in dieting and weight gain

    How does the thyroid contribute to weight gain? The thyroid is responsible for metabolism (metabolism); metabolic processes include metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. The thyroid gland plays a major role in body growth, mental development, and energy and heat savings for the body’s cells. It secretes hormones that help regulate metabolism. In the absence […] More

  • Feeding News : The difference in the burning rate of women and men

    Feeding News: The difference in the burning rate of women and men

    Feeding News: Different body composition and fat burning rate between men and women, and therefore affected by the proportion of burning calories between them; calories burn in men more than women. Therefore, it is important to know the difference between men and women in dieting, and to the right ways to lose weight for each. […] More

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    Change your life for the better in 3 stages 

    Change your life for the better in 3 stages: tThe redesign of your life in this way certainly distinguishes you from the traditional. According to the Independent Professionals Association, the number of self-employed workers has risen by 43% in every area in the world over the last eight years; relations between people have changed in general; […] More