Feeding News: The difference in the burning rate of women and men

The difference in the burning rate of women and men

Feeding News : The difference in the burning rate of women and men
Feeding News: The difference in the burning rate of women and men

Feeding News: Different body composition and fat burning rate between men and women, and therefore affected by the proportion of burning calories between them; calories burn in men more than women. Therefore, it is important to know the difference between men and women in dieting, and to the right ways to lose weight for each. Differences between men and women in dieting include:

1.Fat ratio:

It is lower in men compared to women; burning fat does not depend on sex, but on the different type of fat cells in both women and men. Usually, the fat is concentrated in the abdomen, and in the women in the area of the thighs and buttocks, and it is known that fat cells, which fall in the abdomen, shrink more easily compared to those in the buttocks. The latter needs a lot of time to exercise, with diet, to get rid of them.

On the other hand, muscle mass increases in men compared to women, so men burn calories more quickly; the need for men to calories, fat and minerals are greater than the need of women.

2. Different hormones:

The effect of hormones in men and women on the desire for food, increased this desire in women because of the “estrogen”, the hormone that causes a disturbance in the stages of menstruation, to raise appetite to foods, which feel good mood, full of catalysts For weight gain, such as chocolates. Also during pregnancy, hormone imbalance causes the desire to eat more foods.

3. Nutrition approach:

Most women follow a strict diet regime and are concerned with the consumption of foods containing vitamins (vegetables and fruits), as opposed to most men’s attention to a simple and uncomplicated diet system. Men see food as an important ingredient in stopping hunger and infusing them with important nutrients and vitamins. Women have a strong desire to eat foods rich in carbohydrates (pasta, bread, rice, potatoes, chips, etc.), while men feel much less willing to eat. The constant preoccupation of women, during daily routines with food, also leads to a lack of assistance for those who wish to reduce their weight.

4. Weight loss approach and obsession:

Usually, the man increases the physical activity to lose weight, and he continues to eat, not stress to increase the kilogram of weight, as opposed to women who fall prey to the balance, and often changed diet when observing a slight increase In weight. Eating disorders are high among women, accounting for an overwhelming proportion (90 to 95%), especially among those who live in the obsession of thinness.

Important tips for unisex

It is recommended to focus on eating for health, exercise and abandon the concern of balance figures, during dieting, so as to lose weight naturally and at the right place.

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