Body language: discover his love from 6 signs

Love has many connotations that are difficult to hide. They appear on body language involuntarily. Any expert in these movements will notice it, from the eyes to the face and trunk, and even the feet will send their language to the other person if the owner falls in love.

Rotate the trunk

First, if you want to know the level of love of the other person, watch the rotation of the trunk, who loves you must turn towards you with his trunk even if he is sitting and move forward subconsciously towards those who love.


It is a great mistake; a lover does not stare at someone who loves but looks at the intermittent and rapid views called in body language. «Flash Eyebrow».

Carbon simulation and replication

Loving the world is full of harmonious gestures, and you find the lover subconsciously mimics the gestures of the likes of the head and hand, and even the legs, as if you look at yourself mirror, and this is called «carbon copy» in body language, where you see a lot of adolescents and adolescents if they liked one of the celebrities imitate all Movements such as: “gestures, clothes, hair story, fashion, etc.”

Tinkering with things

The lover may have feelings reflected on the language of his body, touching the neck or tampering with the ring or necklace or anything in front of him; and the result of the tension accompanying his feelings.

Refraction and disappointment

It should be noted that if the gestures of love did not meet the other party to accept, the person will be reflected signs of refraction and disappointment, such as head down and the arms and arming with their descent and dragged the feet when walking and touch the neck by hand to calm the self and mental anguish as a result of frustration, and become sensitive to everything It is said, as if I wrote those poems to tell his story alone!


You must take into account in the body language the gestures of lovers and do not meet with ridicule; because they are part of their feelings and their suffering, otherwise you will encounter acts that may surprise parents or educators.

In conclusion, love is the order of my heart that falls from everyone; therefore it must be valued and respected; so as not to turn into mental illnesses that may be difficult to treat or treat.

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